The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is a not-for-profit tribal health organization managed by Alaska Native tribal governments and their regional health organizations. The Consortium was created in 1997 to provide statewide Native health services. 


The Consortium works towards achieving our mission through its divisions:

  • Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) is a 150-bed facility offering specialty, tertiary, and primary care for all Alaska Natives and American Indians throughout the state of Alaska.
    ANMC provides a full range of medical services with over 250 Board-certified physicians, 700 nurses and is the highest rated Trauma center in the state.
    The facility is managed by both ANTHC and Southcentral Foundation in a shared and unified operation of ANMC.
  • Our Division of Environmental Health and Engineering (DEHE) provides safe water and wastewater disposal facilities, and provides technical assistance with the construction, maintenance and renovation of health care facilities. DEHE assists and trains operators and managers of water and sewer systems. It provides environmental health programs (such as environmental sampling and assessment) and community-based injury prevention programs.
  • The Division of Community Health Services (DCHS) manages Alaska Native health research projects, monitors industrial pollutant levels in Alaska Native mothers and infants, trains chemical dependency counselors and tracks and promotes immunization, and prevent Hepatitis. Its emergency preparedness program is working to increase the capability of rural Alaska communities to handle public health and bioterrorism emergencies.
  • Our Consortium Business Support Services (CBSS) provides statewide services that includes Regional Supply Service Center, professional recruitment, Health Information Technology support, Resource and Patient Management System, telemedicine, and statistics for the Statewide Alaska tribal health system. DHIT maintains a Wide Area Network to ensure that patient information remains confidential yet available to medical providers whenever our patients seek medical care in Alaska.

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