Suicide Prevention Program


The ANTHC Suicide Prevention Program works on collaborative efforts with Tribal Health Organizations in the Alaska Native Tribal Health System and networking with other community resources for suicide prevention awareness projects throughout the State of Alaska.
As we look at the process of suicide, ANTHC can provide:

1) Prevention: through initial awareness workshops that suicide is an issue in Alaska;

2) Intervention: through collaborative efforts, we can provide training with two LivingWorks intervention models, safeTALK and ASIST; and

3) Postvention: by providing trainers in four different regions on SurvivorVoices, a program created by The Connect Program housed in New Hampshire. 

The Behavioral Health staff is a member of the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council (a connection to the Alaska State Legislature) and Suicide Prevention Action Network sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (a connection to the Alaska Congressional Delegation).  

For more information contact:

Lindsay Henkelman, Program Manager
Suicide Prevention Program

Phone: (907) 729-3751
3900 Ambassador Drive, Suite 401
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

is the "Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training," a two-day intense workshop that helps a person through an intervention module that would help a person with thoughts of suicide to a higher level of care.  The product was created by LivingWorks, a Canadian organization.

To inquire about scheduling an ASIST training in your area, please contact Lindsay Henkelman.

safeTALK is a 3.5 to 4.0 hour workshop for ages 15 and over to help recognize the basic warning signs for suicide, and is a complimentary product to the ASIST Intervention Model that encourages the individual to know the resources that are available in their community and region.

To inquire about scheduling a safeTALK training in your area, please contact Lindsay Henkelman.

SurvivorVoices is a two-day workshop intended for survivors of suicide loss who are interested in learning how to tell their story safely in public or private settings.  Although each person grieves at his or own pace, most survivors find that it takes at least two years after their loss before they are ready to share their story.  This workshop was created by The Connect Program in New Hampshire.

To inquire about scheduling a SurvivorVoices training in your area, please contact Lindsay Henkelman.


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