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Communities in rural Alaska are faced with many unique and complex environmental issues. Building community strength to identify and solve problems is a powerful process that can lead to a healthier and more sustainable community. The 7 Generations manual was designed for environmental staff, community leaders and community planners in rural Alaska. The 7 Generations training is an interactive workshop that introduces participants to a community-based approach for developing local environmental plans. The training also introduces the basics of common environmental issues that can effect health such as drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, fuel storage, air, energy and climate, etc.


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2015 Training

No trainings scheduled at this time. More to come in 2016!

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7 Generations Manual: Updated March 2012 

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7 Generations Manual

One hard-copy 7 Generations Manual will be provided to each organization during the 7G trainings.
Additional copies are $45 each. To order, contact Oxcenia O'Domin at (907) 729-3492 or aka_hve@anthc.org
7 GenerationsTools

Please contact us if you need help with any of the available tools. Other formats such as word or excel may be available.

Sample Environmental Planning Team Application (updated September 2014)

Sample Announcement - Environmental Planning Team (updated September 2014)

Sample Environmental Planning Team Meeting Agenda (updated September 2014)

Technical Environmental Assessment

Sample Tribal Environmental Plan format (updated September 2014) 

Village Environmental Planning Assessment Process Template (updated September 2014) 

Action Planning Template (updated September 2014) 

Tribal Environmental Plan Outline

7 Generations Planning Process Check List

7 Generations Planning Brochure

Example Plans

7 Generations Presentations

7 Generations Planning Process Overview

Past Trainings
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7 Generations Quarterly teleconference notes

10/31/12 Teleconference Notes

7/25/12 Teleconference Notes

4/25/12 Teleconference Notes

01/27/12 Teleconference Notes

10/05/11 Teleconference Notes


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