ANTHC Cancer Program Publications 

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Cancer-related articles published in peer-reviewed journals by ANTHC Community Health Service staff, 2005 - 2010.

Alaska Tribal Health System

Alaska Natives & Cancer

Progress Report on the Alaska Tribal Health System Comprehensive Cancer Plan 2006-2010

Comprehensive Cancer Plan for the Alaska Tribal Health System 2011-2017

Comprehensive Cancer Plan for the 

Alaska Tribal Health System 2005–2010

Healthcare Providers booklet introducing the Comprehensive Cancer Plan for the Alaska Tribal Health System 2005–2010

Community member booklet introducing the Comprehensive Cancer Plan for the Alaska Tribal Health System 2005 – 2010

Mind, Body, & Spirit Health Diary

COVER CA Survivorship Health DiaryThe Mind, Body, & Spirit Health Diary is a 100-page booklet developed for Behavioral Health Aides (BHAs) to use in supporting and working with cancer survivors within their communities.

Cancer survivors can use the diary to write down:
  • ¨      Medical appointments
  • ¨      Medications and physical symptoms during and after cancer treatment
  • ¨      Questions
  • ¨      Memories
  • ¨      Feelings they are experiencing
BHAs can order copies by emailing,
Palliative Care 
Palliative care posters--six posters with different messaging about palliative care (approximate poster size, 10 1/4" x 14 1/4").
To order copies of the Palliative Care booklet or posters, click here.
Traditional Food Guide for Alaska's Native Cancer Survivors

"Happiness is healing. Elders need to taste the food they’ve grown up on so they can feel good about themselves again—it’s a healing thing." - Frank Wright, Hoonah 

The Traditional Food Guide is a 142-page full color booklet developed to provide easy-to-understand nutrition information for Alaska Native cancer survivors, their families, and health care team.

Traditional Food GuideThis is the first time nutrition information gathered from many sources about Alaska's wild foods is available in one booklet. The guide is accepted as a healthy lifestyles resource for anyone who eats Alaska's wild foods.

Benefits of traditional foods: 

¨      They are rich in healthy nutrients that are hard to find in store-bought foods 

¨      They contain more heart-healthy fats and less harmful fat than many store-bought foods 

¨      They nourish the body and spirit.

To order copies of the Traditional Food Guide, click here

The Traditional Food Guide was funded by a community grant from the Lance Armstrong Foundation.




Traditional Food Guide Activity Book


"I love the fact that the kids are trying out things at home, thus affecting the whole family's eating habits." - ANMC Pediatrician 

The Traditional Food Guide Activity Book is a 16-page children's book developed to provide easy-to-understand nutrition information for 3rd and 4th graders that will help them make healthy lifestyle choices. 

COVER TFG Activity Wkbk

Age appropriate health messaging includes:

¨      Store bought and Alaska's wild food sources highlight daily

     requirements for protein, fat and cholesterol, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals

¨      How to read a nutrition food label and ingredients list 

¨      Limiting daily sugar and salt amounts 

¨      The new My Plate food portion sizes and when to eat information 

¨      Proper hand washing and food sanitation practices 

 ¨      Youth and family friendly snack recipes and resources


Each section of the workbook includes activities to reinforce health topics. Development of the nutrition activity workbook included input from elementary school teachers, students, and nutritionists.

The resource is available to 3rd and 4th grade teachers statewide in Alaska free of charge while supplies last. Interested organizations may purchase copies. To purchase copies, click here.

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