Water and Sanitation

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How Do We Address Water and Sanitation Issues?

The Environmental Health Consultation Program offers resources to villages to maximize the benefits of water and sanitation systems.

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  o      Water and Sanitation Research

We work hard to base our recommendations and practices on quality research and data.

·        Research Examples 

o      Healthy Water Use Promotion

We work with communities to tailor educational and promotional activities to meet their unique needs. Examples:

·        Coloring Book

·        Water Bingo Materials

o      Tribal Water Fluoridation Program

ANTHC strongly supports water fluoridation to help promote oral health. Contact us to learn more about fluoridation and the information and technical resources we have to offer!

·    Fluoride Brochure

·      CDC MMWR (September 2011)

     "Dental Caries in Rural Alaska Native Children" 

o      National Tribal Water Center – Under Development!

ANTHC is working with partners and stakeholders to develop a national center dedicated to providing water and sanitation services which are not widely available within IHS. We have completed visits to all 12 IHS area offices and are working on a few projects while recruiting to increase our capacity.

Recently, we created a formative assessment guide for program development. Click here to download a copy! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Email us at NTWC@anthc.org for more information or to give feedback!

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