Hazardous Drugs

Image of bottles of hazardous drugs; National Cancer Institute; Unknown photographer/artist

Hazardous Drugs are a group of drugs associated with, or suspected of causing, adverse health effects in humans. These drugs may:

  1. Be genotoxic (have the ability to cause a change or mutation in genetic material)
  2. Be carcinogenic (have the ability to cause cancer)
  3. Be teratogenic (have the ability to cause defects in fetal development or fetal malformation)
  4. Cause fertility impairment or adverse reproductive outcomes in both men and women
  5. Cause serious toxicity at low doses

* 2014 NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs *

Hazardous Drug Training

The links below will take you to Flash movies created for specific tasks when handling hazardous drugs. Depending on your job and duties, more than one of these movies may apply to you.

You must have Macromedia Flash Player installed on you computer to watch these movies. Most computers have this installed. If you need a copy of the player, you can download it here.

General Training on Handling Hazardous Drugs

Receiving, Storage, and Transportation of Hazardous Drugs

Preparation of Hazardous Drugs

Administration of Hazardous Drugs

Administration of Aerosolized Hazardous Drugs

Maintenance Activities Involving Hazardous Drugs

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Hazardous Drugs Training Assessment - Complete this quiz after viewing the "General Training on Handling Hazardous Drugs" movie and submit to your supervisor.

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Hazardous Drugs Training Assessment Answers - This version has the answers to the hazardous drug training assessment. Review for the correct answers (but don't cheat!).


Hazardous Drug Presentations

Follow the link below to a presentation on proper handling of hazardous drugs. The presentation also summarizes the requirements of US Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter 797.

Hazardous Drug and USP 797 Presentation


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