Alaska Native Medical Center – Contract Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Contract Health Services?

Contract Health Services (CHS) provides funding for referred medical services not directly available at the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC). ANMC CHS may be able to assist with the medical cost received from non-ANMC facilities if policies and procedures are followed.

Q. What are Alternate Health Resources (AHR)?

Alternate Health Resources are other payor sources such as Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, workers’ compensation, automobile insurance, etc.

Q. Do I have to apply for Alternate Health Resources?

Yes. Per federal law CHS is the payor of last resort. All alternate health resources that a patient has available or may be eligible for must be applied to before a claim will be considered for payment by ANMC CHS. (Federal regulation 42 C.F.R. 136.61).

Q. What happens if I don’t apply for AHR?

ANMC CHS will be unable to authorize payment if you do not apply for AHR or fail to complete the application process. The cost of your medical services will be your financial responsibility.

Q. Does CHS cover emergency visits if I am seen somewhere other than ANMC?

All emergent medical services received outside of ANMC must be reported to CHS within 72 hours by calling 1-800-478-1636. Leave a voice message if you are calling on holidays, weekends, or after normal business hours. Notification does not guarantee payment.

Q. Is payment guaranteed just because ANMC referred my care?

Referrals may be made by an ANMC provider for services not available at ANMC.  Referrals are not a guarantee of payment by ANMC CHS.

Q. Does ANMC CHS provide funding for medical services received anywhere in Alaska?

There are several CHS programs throughout the State of Alaska which may provide funding for care within their region. For more information follow this link CHS Statewide Program List

Q. Does ANMC CHS provide funding for medical services received outside of Alaska?

Follow this link Traveler Program for more information on the traveler program and this link Student Program if you are a full time student attending school outside of Alaska.

Q. Will ANMC CHS pay for travel and lodging if I accompany family/friend on an air ambulance?

The air ambulance team is the authorized escort.  An escort could be authorized upon patient being discharged if there is a medical need.

Q. Do I need a referral for care I receive outside of ANMC even if it is a follow-up visit?

Yes, you need a referral from an ANMC provider for every visit.

Q. Does ANMC CHS provide insurance coverage letters?

No. ANMC CHS is not an insurance company.

Q. Who is responsible for ensuring that all bills, insurance information and other required documentation is submitted to ANMC CHS once a referral has been approved for payment?

The patient or patient’s family is responsible for submitting all required documentation such as medical records, additional insurance information, accident questionnaire, etc.

Q. What expenses are covered when CHS coordinates my travel outside the state of Alaska for medical care that has been authorized by an ANMC provider?

When an ANMC provider initiates a referral, ANMC CHS coordinates the airfare and lodging for the patient and the patient’s escort. Escorts must be authorized as medically necessary. 


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