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Frequently Asked Questions: Tribal Partner Grant Support

My community, Tribe, or city government has a need for funding and grant assistance. What is our first step?                            

Once a need and funding opportunity have been identified, submit a request for assistance using the form/assistance request found here.

We have never applied for a grant before. Can you still help?

Yes! We can offer full grant writing services from the very beginning of your application to its submission.

What happens after we submit our request for assistance?

Upon receiving this information, GPDD will arrange a meeting to discuss the grant and determine both GPDD and community capacity to pursue the grant. Due to the varied release of grant opportunities, there are some seasons in which the GPDD is much busier than in others. Federal grants are often released in the first six to eight months of the year, creating a heavy workload for our team. For this reason, we carefully assess our team’s capacity to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible on an application.

If GPDD has the capacity to offer our services, we will move forward with assisting your community/organization with the development of your application. If we are lacking capacity, we will do our best to provide you with resources to help you write your application independently.

Who will manage the grant if awarded?

If awarded, the community/organization is responsible for managing the grant, including project activities, financial oversight, and all grant reporting.

How much lead time do we need to provide for GPDD grant assistance?

The farther out from the application deadline we are notified, the more likely it is we will have capacity to assist with the application. A minimum of six weeks lead time is preferred.

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