Helping pregnant Alaska Native women quit smoking

April 12, 2022

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health at the University of Vermont (UVM) have a study to help Alaska Native pregnant women stop smoking. 

This study is for:

  1. Alaska Native women,
  2. who are pregnant,
  3. smoke cigarettes,
  4. are 18 years or older,
  5. own a smartphone, and
  6. want to join a study to help them quit smoking.

The study will take place during your pregnancy and for six months after your baby is born.

We will ask you to do breath and saliva tests to test for smoking. You will also fill out surveys. Study staff will give you brief counseling to help you quit smoking.

Women in the study can earn up to $350-$1,620.

Fill out this survey to see if you’re eligible.

Contact the study for more information:

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