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Physical distancing: show you care by keeping a distance

April 10, 2020
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The health, safety and well-being of our people is our top priority. One of the best ways we can prevent the spread of illness as a people is by regularly keeping physical distance between ourselves and others when we must be in public spaces for necessary reasons.

According to health officials, physical or social distancing means staying home when you can, avoiding large gatherings (of more than 10 people), and maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from others whenever possible. This can mean limiting how often you go grocery shopping or choosing to recreate in less crowded areas as close to home as possible. If you are healthy and need to pass through another community in order to recreate or participate in subsistence activities, you should provision for that trip, such as gathering your food or fuel, or any other necessary supplies, within your home community, prior to departure.

We also now know that it is possible for people who are not experiencing any symptoms to actually be carrying the virus. This means it is possible to spread the virus without knowing you are infected. By maintaining physical distance, we can reduce the spread of germs and illness by preventing those who are carrying the virus from coming into contact with those who are not. This is especially important to help protect our Elders and others who are at greater risk due to underlying health conditions.

If you must go out into public for work, to get supplies for your home, or to help someone in need, please keep your distance from others, avoid touching your face, and wash/disinfect your hands frequently.

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