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Learn together, care together.

ANTHC’s Liver Disease and Hepatitis Program, HIV Clinical Services, Behavioral Health Department and Southcentral Foundation’s Pharmacists have partnered with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board to expand the AK Hepatitis C (HCV) ECHO to include human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Each session begins with a didactic presented by a subject matter expert. Every session will also include one or more case presentation(s) by a provider to the ECHO team of hepatologists, infectious disease specialists, behavioral specialists, and pharmacists who can provide holistic treatment input.

Continuing education credits are available.

What is it about?

This partnership aims to:

  • Increase Tribal healthcare providers’ knowledge about prevention strategies, screening, diagnosing, treatment and management of HCV, HIV, PrEP and STIs.
  • Improve understanding of appropriate practices regarding these diagnoses.
  • Help providers gain confidence and competence in providing best practices in evaluating and caring for Alaska Native/American Indian persons with these infections and preventing future infections.

Who should attend?

Tribal and community primary care health providers, nurses, pharmacists and behavioral health care in Alaska who want to learn best practices and gain competence and confidence in preventing HIV infection with PrEP, preventing HCV and STIs, and caring for Alaska Native/American Indian patients facing HCV-HIV-STI diagnoses. The AK HCV ECHO Tribal partners in the pacific Northwest and across Indian Country and all persons interested in working-up, diagnosing, managing, and treating these topics.


The second Tuesday of each month noon-1 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, via Zoom throughout 2022.

AK ID ECHO: HCV-HIV-PrEP-STIs Schedule (tentative):

January 11TB update in Alaska and who should be tested
February 8Congenital Syphilis
March 8Simplified HCV Treatment
April 12HIV Treatment and Prevention – new injectable drugs
May 10Common drug interactions for commonly prescribed medications for HCV, HIV, STIs – part 1
June 14Common drug interactions part 2: now adding COVID Tx meds into the mix
July 12Public Health Reporting – procedures, processes and follow-up
August 9HCV Reinfection
September 13Hepatitis B Screening and Lab Interpretation
October 11Drug Interaction Considerations with Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy
November 8STI EPI Update
December 13HIV Update


Please contact us about submitting a case presentation or for any questions.

Past Session Recordings:

This project is supported by a grant from the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and funding is provided from the HHS Secretary’s Minority HIV/AIDS Fund.