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Assisting communities to better understand the impacts of climate change and how to adapt in healthy ways

Center for Climate & Health
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ANTHC’s Center for Climate and Health assists communities and helps them to better understand the impacts of climate change and how to adapt in healthy ways. The program provides assessments, technical assistance, training through 7 Generations and assistance monitoring environmental impacts. In addition, the program coordinates the interagency One Health Group, which provides surveillance on emerging environmental, wildlife and public health threats.

Clime Map – Changes in the North
This map tracks climate change related events in the news from across the circumpolar north. You can view events chronologically or by topic, using key terms in the search box. Posts are viewable by check a year, and clicking on the different color-coded icons for each year: Dark BLUE-2015 | Light BROWN-2014 | Light GREEN-2013 | Light BLUE-2012 to view individual posted articles.

The map is hosted by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Center for Climate and Health. To receive weekly updates through the e-journal, The Northern Climate Observer, sign up below.

Community Camera
Climate change is causing the environment in the north to change very quickly. This project uses time lapse cameras located in northern communities to monitor change over long time periods. Typically the cameras are mounted at sites selected by local partners, and the cameras take one image per day. The images are then compiled into videos that help to evaluate important local topics and environmental indicators, such as weather, seasonal change, infrastructure, vegetation, erosion, ice conditions, water level and so on. The LEO Community Camera Project is administered by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Center for Climate and Health. This map provides location of cameras, still images of vantage points, links to videos located on the Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network YouTube Channel, LEO Network Maps and contact information for local partners.

One Health Group
The One Health Group was formed in 2013, and is hosted by ANTHC and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Arctic Investigations Program. The group includes professionals from Canada, Alaska and other parts of the United States and it is open to professionals in the fields of wildlife and environmental management and public health among others. The One Health Group meets quarterly to share information on activities, discuss emerging One Health issues, consider events that are indicative of environmental and climate change and to provide a forum for identifying areas of common interest and collaboration.

Click here to access One Health Group webinars and presentations.

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