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The Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network connects people through information on our shared environment

LEO Network
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Northern communities are changing due to environmental impacts, climate change and development. The LEO Network is a network of local environmental observers and topic experts who apply traditional knowledge, western science and technology to document significant, unusual or unprecedented environmental events in our communities. These changes can be observed in seasonality, plants and wildlife, weather conditions as well as natural hazards including coastal erosion, flooding, droughts, wildfire and other events that can threaten food security, water security and community health. The purpose of the LEO Network is to increase understanding about environmental change so communities can adapt in healthy ways.

The LEO Network utilizes web-accessible maps to display observations which are then shared with network members. The maps contain descriptions, photos, expert consultations and links to information resources. LEO Network is available through our web app at www.leonetwork.org as well as through our mobile app “LEO Reporter” for iPhone and iPad and Android.

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Primary funding for LEO Network has been provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.