Eligibility documentation for health care services at the Alaska Native Medical Center

April 18, 2024

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is committed to your family’s health and we are here to support your journey toward healing. We are focused on improving and expanding services.

To meet federal requirements as we provide care, we must ensure patient eligibility documentation is current. At appointment check-in, patients may be asked for:  

  • Updated contact information;
  • Proof of health coverage through private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare; and
  • Participation in other programs, such as Denali Kid Care, disability, or VA benefits.

We understand this process can be frustrating when your main focus is on healing. Our clinic staff recognizes patients may be frustrated while navigating a complicated system and we are here to help you. Regardless of how long someone has received care in the Tribal health system, at check-in we may also ask for proof of Indian Health Service (IHS) benefit eligibility. Commonly accepted documents to determine IHS eligibility include:

  • Tribal ID, enrollment, or membership cards;
  • Letter or document from a Tribe recognizing membership;
  • Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood (CDIB) issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA);
  • Certificate of Indian Status card;
  • Letter or document from BIA recognizing eligibility;
  • Letter or document from IHS recognizing eligibility;
  • I-872 American Indian Card;
  • ANCSA shareholder cards; or
  • Any other reliable form of eligibility.

We appreciate your partnership through this process. If you have questions, contact Patient Access at 907-729-1395.

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