Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program (T-SHIP)

What is Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance?

T-SHIP buys private health insurance coverage for IHS beneficiaries. Having coverage, in addition to IHS benefits, increases care options for sponsored individuals and their entire community.

Find out if you are eligible:

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

To speak with a Health Benefits Specialist, please contact:
(907) 729-5696

Arctic Slope Native Association – Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

Arctic Slope Native Association Outreach at (907) 852-9365

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation

Financial Counselor
Alexandria Fox
(907) 842-9328,
Toll Free: (800) 478-5201

Kenaitze Indian Tribe – Dena’ina Health Clinic

Dena’ina Wellness Center Un’ina Navigators: 
Donna Gilbert 
(907) 335-7562

Joanne Shepard 
(907) 335-7504

Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC)

Patient Benefits Coordinator:
Ivy Smith
(907) 228-9530

Kodiak Area Native Association

Patient Benefit Coordinator
Rosaline Green
(907) 486-9861

Patient Benefits Coordinator:
Marilos Fangonilo at (907) 486-9840

Maniilaq Association

Alternative Resource

Metlakatla Indian Community

Annette Island Service Unit Registration
(907) 886-4741

John Fawcett
(907) 886-4741, ext. 2010

Sabrina Ridley
(907) 886-4741, ext. 2032

Norton Sound Health Corporation

Maureen Soderstrom
(907) 624-5428

Tisha Kingeekuk
(907) 984-6905

Sheri Fagerstrom
(907) 443-6408

Patient Benefits Supervisor
Darla Jemewouk              
(907) 890-2001

Southcentral Foundation

Family Health Resources
(907) 729-7225

SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)

Toll-free at 1-855-966-8684

Tanana Chiefs Conference

Alternate Health Resources Department:
Rhonda Lohrke
1-800-478-6682 ext 3707

Yakutat Community Health Center

Benefits Coordinator
Tracy Sitherwood
(907) 784-3275, Ex t208

Will Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance cost me anything?

No. ANTHC pays the insurance premium cost. Alaska Native and American Indian people also do not have to pay any co-payments or deductibles when they are seen or referred by Tribal health facilities.

Why should I consider Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance?

Health insurance can help you get medical care when you are traveling or away from Tribal health facilities. Health insurance can also help make more services available for you and all Alaska Native and American Indian people. The program also offers free tax filing assistance and enrollment assistance.

How do I qualify?

T-SHIP staff will screen you and your family to see if you qualify, if you:

  • Are you an Alaska resident;
  • Are eligible for Indian Health Services;
  • Are not covered by or eligible for Medicaid, TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or affordable health insurance through an employer; and
  • Are not eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A or enrolled in Medicare Part A or Part B.

Does this affect my current Alaska Native health benefits?

No. You still get all services at Indian Health Service and Tribal hospitals and health clinics throughout Alaska and the United States. You should continue to use the Tribal Health System to ensure that your health care needs are being met and that you are as healthy as possible.

T-SHIP Tax Assistance

T-SHIP sponsored individuals must file taxes to reconcile any premium tax credit you receive. 

T-SHIP provides free tax assistance to everyone on the program through the Alaska Business Development Center.  You can reach them at (907) 562-0335 or You can also choose to file through a different tax preparer at your own cost.

T-SHIP will reimburse you if the IRS requests a refund because of this health insurance coverage. Contact your T-SHIP staff if you owe tax payments related to your T-SHIP provided health insurance.