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Alaska Utility Supply Center
1-866-800-AUSC (2872) or 907-729-3525
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What is the Alaska Utility Supply Center?

The Alaska Utility Supply Center (AUSC) supplies water and wastewater system components. Founded in January 2001 with the goal of providing the highest quality service to Alaska Native communities, AUSC purchases utility parts and supplies individually or in volume and passes on its discounts to its members. Currently over 150 Native communities, four regional health corporations, and 20 projects have joined as members.

Why join the Alaska Utility Supply Center?

AUSC is familiar with the sanitation needs of rural Alaska, and its experienced and trained staff help ensure you receive the right parts in one convenient stop. Because AUSC is in Anchorage, services provided to rural Alaska are quicker.

How can I find out more about the Alaska Utility Supply Center?
AUSC serves only Alaska Native communities and organizations (51% or more Native population). If you are an Alaska Native community, borough, Health Corporation, utility, school, or clinic, and you would like more information about AUSC, a catalog, or a membership application, please contact Rosie Anderson, AUSC Representative at 1-866-800-AUSC (2872) or 907-729-3525.

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