Individual Sanitation Facilities Scattered Sites Program

The ANTHC Individual Sanitation Facilities Scattered Sites program works across Alaska to provide eligible homes with on-site sanitation facilities. The program designs and constructs individual on-site water supply wells, cistern water storage systems, community sewer, and water service line connections, and wastewater
systems such as septic tanks and drain fields.

Sanitation Services

  • Individual on-site water supply (well)
  • Water holding tank (cistern)
  • Community water service line and /or connection
  • Individual on-site wastewater system:
    Septic tank/drain field, pressure dose mound community service line and/or connection

Please call if you have any questions or concerns at 907-729-3528.
Please e-mail all pages of the completed application to
or fax (907) 729-4473.

Eligibility of applicant
  • Project request is financially feasible
  • Applicant is Alaska Native or Native American
  • Applicant owns the land where the home is located or has a long-term lease
  • Home is:
    New or like new condition
    Structurally sound
    Has continuous electrical power, not from a generator
    Defined as 24-hour, year-round family dwelling
    Has interior plumbing
    Thermostatically controlled heat, not only wood stove
Ownership/lease requirements

  • Home must be rented or leased to an Alaska Native or Native American person
  • Is Tribally owned and the primary purpose of resident is to not produce a profit
  • The lease on the home must be at least five years and the lease price cannot increase because of newly installed facilities
  • Homes owned by an Alaska Native or Native American person but leased to a non-Native person are not eligible
  • Homes owned by a non-native but rented to an Alaska Native or Native American person are not eligible

Scattered Sites Phases

First Phase – Environmental and Archaeology

The first step is to submit an application for preliminary approval. After preliminary approval, ANTHC will complete environmental and archaeological research to confirm eligibility.

Second Phase – Site Visit and Survey

In the initial site visit, an ANTHC representative will complete an assessment of the site and survey the property. Soil samples sand percolation tests are completed as appropriate.

Third Phase – Design

A professional engineer will design a water and wastewater system specifically for your home. This will be based on the information gathered in the site visit and survey phase.

Fourth Phase – Construction

Construction is contracted our or completed by ANTHC staff. ANTHC will schedule services for summer and fall construction seasons.

How long will my service take?

The service can take 18 – 24 months from the receipt of the application until construction is complete.

Please e-mail all pages of the completed application to
or fax (907) 729-4473.