Alaska Native neurologist joins medical staff at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

January 8, 2024

Dr. Ryan Wilson started at ANTHC in July 2023, working as a neurologist at the Alaska Native Medical Center. Dr. Wilson grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. His family is Iñupiat from White Mountain and Unalakleet.  

“Returning home to Alaska to serve the Alaska Native people has been a lifelong dream, and the motivating factor to pursue medical education and become a neurologist,” Wilson said.

At the core, Dr. Wilson sees his role as a provider is to be a teacher. This means teaching patients about what is happening and how they can work together to find solutions. It is also teaching staff, other providers, and students of all ages from school-age to medical students.

“To teach in Alaska, and to empower Alaska Native people to take control of their medical care is what continues to inspire me,” Wilson added. 

In medical school at the University of Minnesota, he added a focus on Native American health in medical training as a member, then president, of the Association of Native American Medical Students, and is a current member of the Association of American Indian Physicians. These organizations advocate for improving the health of Native peoples though understanding the uniqueness and challenges of illness in Native communities, as well as supporting education at all levels, but especially into health. 

After finishing Neurology training in 2020, Dr. Wilson worked at the University of Vermont, teaching medical students, and providing rural neurological care in Plattsburgh, New York. 

Dr. Wilson loves to travel – he’s been to all 50 states and 11 countries so far. He is looking forward to seeing more of Alaska and learning about all the Alaska Native cultures – especially foods! His favorite season is the beautiful wintertime in Alaska! 

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