Patient Housing lobby and check-in updates to improve patient experience

November 6, 2023

Our Patient Housing team has been working hard behind the scenes to make improvements with our guests in mind.

When you walk into Patient Housing, you will notice three kiosks where you will start your check-in process. Don’t worry, if you need assistance checking in at the kiosks, staff are standing by to help.

Once you check in on the kiosk, you’ll receive a ticket with your unique check-in number. Screens are placed in the Patient Housing lobby and café dining area where you can track the status of your room for check-in. You may also choose to receive an SMS text message alert on your mobile phone, which will send your check-in information to your device when your ticket has been called.

The primary check-in desk has moved to the back of the lobby. Our Patient Experience staff, located next to the check-in kiosks are able to assist with meal cards, taxi vouchers, housing extensions and other questions.


  1. Sign in at kiosk
  2. Kiosk will print ticket or guest can opt-in to text message alerts
  3. Your ticket will provide your unique ticket number and a QR code to our guest survey
  4. Have a seat, when your number is called, an overhead announcement will tell you which station to go to
  5. There are monitors is in the Patient Housing lobby and cafeteria displaying this information as well
  6. Once number is called, make sure you go to the correct station

New check-in and checkout times

In order to better serve guests and to decrease the amount of time to get into your room, Patient Housing check-in time is now 4 p.m. Checkout time is noon. 

Patient Experience and Medicaid Travel move to Patient Housing lobby

Patient Experience and Medicaid Travel are now also located in the lobby to better assist our guests in one convenient location! They have moved, along with Security, to the front desk area. Guests can use the check-in kiosks to get assistance with Medicaid Travel, Patient Experience and Security.

Elders’ Lounge and expanded luggage room

Two other new additions to Patient Housing are an expanded luggage room and a newly renovated Elders’ Lounge!

The Elders’ Lounge is a comfortable waiting area for our Elders aged 62 and older. The lounge features comfortable seating and tables, natural light with a view of the courtyard, coffee, tea, water and a TV.

The luggage room features extra space to store guest luggage, as well as two large freezers to store groceries!

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