ANMC celebrates our hardworking pharmacists and pharmacy technicians during American Pharmacists Month and National Pharmacy Week

October 7, 2021

October is American Pharmacists Month and Oct. 17-23 is National Pharmacy Week – a time to recognize the invaluable contributions pharmacists and technicians make to patient care in the ANMC hospital, Specialty Clinics and Primary Care.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, ANMC pharmacists, technicians and pharmacy personnel continued to ensure our patients are cared for and our Tribal partners are supported. Every pharmacist, student pharmacist, and pharmacy technician is making a big difference.

Capt. Kara King, PharmD, MPH, is the Director of Pharmacy at ANTHC, and in addition to her role at ANMC, she has been assisting on the State of Alaska’s COVID Vaccine Taskforce during the pandemic.

National Pharmacy Week is a time to recognize the powerful impact our Pharmacy team has on our patients and our community. Pharmacists and technicians play a vital role on the health care team. They work tirelessly to ensure safe mediations use in order for our patients to achieve optimal outcomes.

“Our pharmacy team has always been a keystone attribute to the high-quality care we provide here at ANMC, but they have played an even more vital role during this pandemic,” said King. “At a time when cities came to a grinding halt and businesses shut down, our pharmacies were dedicated to serving our people, remaining open to assist with medication needs and helping to vaccinate the community against COVID-19. They have been adaptable, innovative, and selfless when it has mattered the most. They are true health care heroes.” 

ANMC is grateful for your sacrifices and contributions to the health of our people not only during the pandemic, but always. We thank our Pharmacy team for the valuable services they provide to our people and communities.

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