ANMC opens simulation learning space for nursing education

July 9, 2018

ANMC recently opened a simulation learning space in the lower level of the hospital. This new learning space is used in the orientation and development of all new nurses, or nurses moving into critical care areas that require additional specialized hands-on training.

With the addition of the simulation lab, nursing orientation is more comprehensive, focused on providing the care for several types of patients. Many studies show that the use of simulation training improves patient safety and quality of care, and the stress-free environment increases focus on the individual learning needs of the new nurse.

“The restructuring of the Nursing Staff Orientation process will decrease the amount of time spent in lecture and increase time spent with hands-on experiential learning,” said Staci Seagle, MSNEd, RN, ANMC Nursing Education and Simulation Coordinator. “This will allow us to incorporate the principles of adult learning, which include allowing learners to be more self-directed, incorporating theory into practice and allowing learners to draw on their own experience.”

Nurses will learn by using a computerized patient, making for real hands-on patient care, along with an opportunity to practice using the electronic medical record and any patient care equipment before they take care of real patients on their units.

Nursing staff will spend time completing online educational modules, which will be reinforced in the SimLab. It is anticipated that experienced nursing staff will only spend a few days in the SimLab, while our less-experienced nurses will spend two weeks or more building their confidence with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide high-quality patient care.

“I am looking forward to the opportunities and addressing the challenges that simulation training offers to our patients, families and staff,” added Seagle.

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