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ANMC’s Jacque Quantrille receives LifeSaver Award from LifeCenter Northwest

February 3, 2022

Jacque Quantrille, ANMC Director of Nursing, Critical Care, Progressive Care and Respiratory Therapy, was recently presented with the LifeSaver Award.

A LifeSaver Award award is given to one individual per month across LifeCenter Northwest’s four-state, 230-hospital donation service area, and it honors those who demonstrate a commitment to improving donation outcomes and culture through their actions, time and energy.

LifeCenter Northwest recently worked with ANMC to evaluate a potential organ donor following a timely donation referral. At the time, ANMC was experiencing a high volume of patients, as well as a staffing shortage. Despite those significant challenges, Quantrille and her staff were amazingly collaborative and took great care to preserve this patient’s donation opportunity.

Although the family of this potential organ donor was supportive of donation and saving lives, there were still unexpected difficulties to overcome. Quantrille continued to be persistent, problem-solve and work through each and every challenge, while also supporting the patient’s family throughout the process. On top of all this, while in the midst of this donation case, ANMC had to undergo an activation of crisis standards of care due to COVID-related challenges.

“I am honored and humbled to receive such an award, said Quantrille. “When some amount of goodness can come from something tragic, it takes some of the emotional stress and strain off our shoulders working in critical care.”

In the face of all of these obstacles, it would have been easy for Quantrille and her staff at ANMC to walk away from this case, but she remained deeply committed to donation.

“We are so grateful for Jacque and for her willingness to calmly and logically assess the situation, make difficult decisions and act accordingly,” said Lulu Jensen, LifeCenter Northwest Hospital Development Program Manager. “Jacque truly made donation possible during this nearly impossible time.”

Thanks to Quantrille and her team’s clinical expertise and incredible compassion, LifeCenter Northwest was able to honor this donor and their family by recovering four organs and providing the gift of life to four people.

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