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ANTHC adds second regional liaison in Bethel

January 20, 2021
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After spending time in Anchorage attending new employee orientation and learning about resources available to support Tribal members, Nastasia Kassel returned to Bethel to serve as ANTHC’s second regional liaison for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) regional area.

Kassel is of Yup’ik heritage and is an enrolled member of the Kasigluk Traditional Council. She has lived in Bethel for the last three years. Before moving to Bethel, Kassel lived in Kasigluk where she is originally from.

Before accepting this new position, Kassel worked in the environmental field for several years. She enjoyed the work but felt like she was meant to be doing more by helping others.

“I wanted something new and I have always felt like I am meant to help people,” said Kassel. “I like to be the middle person and make sure everything gets taken care of. When I saw an advertisement for this position, I thought, ‘Maybe this is meant for me.’”

Kassel has a 7-year-old son and many extended family members who live in Bethel and throughout the YKHC region. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors— boating, picking berries, fishing and foraging for tundra eggs.

 “I want to work for my people and ANTHC seemed like a really cool organization to work for,” added Kassel. “I am really excited to work with patients and help them.”

ANTHC recognized the need to better support our partners by providing a local point of contact within the regions it serves. ANTHC’s wide range of services can make it difficult for a Tribal health organization to navigate. Regional liaisons enhance the knowledge of services available and improve specialty care referrals between Alaska regions and the Alaska Native Medical Center.

YKHC already has one regional liaison and the position was so well received and there was such a demand for more assistance a second position was created.

Patients often have questions regarding their reservations for travel and housing arrangements or scheduled clinic and diagnostic appointments at ANMC. Kassel can view these schedules and work with case managers and patients should any of the arrangements need to be changed. Additionally, after the patient leaves ANMC, she can help ensure that staff members within the YKHC region receive the correct information for follow-up care.

For those in the YKHC region, Kassel can be reached at to support patient needs between their region and ANTHC.

If your region is interested in having an ANTHC regional liaison, please contact Jenni Harrison, ANTHC Senior Tribal Health Liaison at or (907) 223-7144.

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