ANTHC launches automated alert service for patient appointment reminders

March 10, 2023

Life gets busy for us all. It can be hard to keep up with our important health care appointments. To help improve the patient experience, ANTHC is launching an automated alert service to keep important medical appointments at the top of your list.

Beginning mid-March, patients receiving care in ANTHC Specialty Clinics at the Alaska Native Medical Center will receive save the date, confirmation and reminder text messages on their cell phones for their medical appointments. This new automated service will roll out in ANTHC Internal Medicine Clinics first and will then roll out to other ANTHC Specialty Clinics throughout the spring.

When scheduling your next appointment, please make sure we have your updated contact information so you will receive these important texts. 

If you do not have a cell phone or cannot receive texts, you will get an automated reminder phone call instead. Patients can opt out of these messages, but we recommend you don’t, as you will miss out on these important and convenient reminders. 

Text and call notifications will come from 855-952-6534.

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