ANTHC receives 2023 Outstanding Hospital Achievement Award

May 7, 2024

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium hospital staff were recently recognized for their services within the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) receiving the Outstanding Hospital Achievement Award from LifeCenter Northwest.

“The Outstanding Hospital Achievement Award is presented annually to one hospital in our four-state donation service area that demonstrates impressive outcomes, strong and effective processes, and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of both donor families and transplant recipients,” said the statement announcing the recognition from LifeCenter Northwest.

“Donation isn’t possible without the support of committed, skilled hospital partners like the team at Alaska Native Medical Center,” said Santokh Gill, LifeCenter Northwest President and CEO. “This partnership saves lives and gives hope to the thousands of people still on the transplant waiting list in our local communities.”

The statement went on to recognize the hospital and ANTHC medical staff for their work in the following areas:

  • Implementing donation policy changes honoring donor decisions;
  • Revamping donation education for ANTHC staff within ANMC;
  • Making process improvements to support timely referrals;
  • Strengthening collaboration between ICU leadership and nursing teams;
  • Organizing a first-ever honor walk to commemorate donors.

“At ANTHC, staff are driven by an innate desire to identify health solutions and provide the highest level of care possible for the patients we serve,” said Alan Vierling, ANTHC Hospital Administrator. “It’s an honor to be recognized by LifeCenter Northwest for the hard work we have put into having difficult conversations that result in more lives saved.”

In addition to being recognized with the Outstanding Hospital Achievement Award, ANTHC – through work done at ANMC – was honored with two additional awards for our support in organ donation and transplantation:

  • Organ Donation Process Excellence Award:
    • Earned by hospitals with a process error rate of 5% of less.
    • Awarded to only 29 hospitals across a four-state, 230-plus hospital donation service area that LifeCenter Northwest serves.
  • Honoring Donor Decisions Award
    • Earned by hospitals honoring all donor decisions for patients appearing or declared brain dead.
    • Awarded to only 46 hospitals across a four-state, 230-plus hospital donation services area that LifeCenter serves.

LifeCenter Northwest is a nonprofit federally designated organ procurement and tissue recovery organization working to save lives through organ and tissue donation.

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