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HIV and STI self-testing kits available through

December 14, 2021

ANTHC recognized World AIDS Awareness Day on Wednesday, Dec. 1, and encouraged Alaskans to seek HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing options, such as self-testing. This service bridges the gap for many people living in remote and rural Alaska where access to HIV testing is limited or there are concerns about privacy and confidentiality. While positive results do need to be confirmed with an in-person appointment, self-tests can limit visits to the clinic and increase access to HIV and STI testing.

The HIV and STI self-testing kits are available via ANTHC’s wellness website The website has fulfilled 70 HIV self-test kit orders since launching the product on Dec. 1, 2020. In the same timeframe, more than 240 STI self-test kits were sent out through the I Want The Kit STI self-testing service, which the website links users to. Both self-testing kits are available statewide to anyone with an Alaska mailing address and at no cost to the end users.

The self-testing kits use a self-swab method, which allows users to test discreetly and privately. A key component to ANTHC’s self-testing services is the linkage with a nurse case manager upon ordering a kit. This connection ensures that individuals have the support needed to accurately use and interpret the test, know who to follow-up with regarding results and answer any questions about the kit, HIV and other STIs, including safe-sex and risk-reduction counseling.

To learn more about HIV and STI testing and to order the self-testing kits, visit

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