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Health Facilities Engineering

Providing partners assistance with master planning, design, construction and project management

Health Facilities Engineering
4500 Diplomacy Dr.
Suite 454
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 729-3570

ANTHC’s Health Facilities Engineering (HFE) program is a multidiscipline group of engineers and architects specializing in the maintenance and improvement of statewide Tribal health facilities. HFE provides partners assistance with master planning, design, construction and project management. In addition, the program troubleshoots and identifies deficiencies within buildings and infrastructure. The HFE program also provides general oversight of projects funded through the Maintenance & Improvement Resource Allocation Committee (MIRAC) competitive project pool.

The HFE program coordinates with the Indian Health Service (IHS) and advocates for Alaska Native and Tribal hospitals, regional clinics, and small, village-based clinics. The program also facilitates IHS energy, maintenance and improvement programs.

Additional services provided by the HFE program include:

  • Coordinating and advocating on health care facility related grants
  • Procurement assistance with managing grants
  • Energy efficiency evaluations
  • Code and condition surveys, including federally required surveys
  • Procurement assistance with consultants, contractors and vendors
  • Assistance in maintaining facility accreditation

MIRAC Supporting Documents:
MIRAC Charter