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ANTHC Health care provider Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Course registration

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The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and Southcentral Foundation (SCF) are pleased to announce the launch of our new Healthcare Provider Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Three-Phase Training Course. The course is specifically designed for health care professionals (i.e., Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Community Health Aides) working in rural clinics who take medical X-rays. The purpose of the course is to help providers optimize radiographic image quality while minimizing X-ray exposure to patients and staff.

This new course format consists of three Phases:
Phase I and II: Online
Online based self-directed learning with exams/verification.

Phase I modules include x-ray production, x-ray equipment, digital imaging, and radiation safety. The lectures are audio recorded power point presentations

Phase II modules include video/audio lectures on imaging anatomy, positioning, and image critique.

The time requirement to complete Phase I and II is about 8 hours.  Typical completion time has been two weeks. 
Phase III: Practical Training
The Radiology Instructor from the Southcentral Foundation’s Rural Anchorage Support Unit will travel to the rural site to provide additional training.  This includes x-ray and associated equipment orientation. Patient positioning demonstrations and student positioning practice. The onsite visit allows SCF personnel to suggest methods to improve patient safety and comply with state requirements.

The time requirement for Phase III is dependent upon the rural site location and needs. Typically, this training is conduct over two 8-hour days.

Certificates are provided upon completion of Phase III. 

Note: This course does not meet the 10-hour training requirements for operators of a fluoroscope (which includes C-Arms) (7 AAC 18.420 (c)). This course should not be combined with a 10-hour fluoroscope class with the hopes of operating a C-Arm or fluoroscope. 

To notify us of your interest in registering for this course, please complete and submit the form below. You will be contacted by the main course instructor, Robert McClung, within 5 business days.

Additional Information:
– Continuing Education Units are available for nurses and physicians. A certificate of completion, copies of the instructors’ credentials, and a course outline will be provided to attendees for continuing education unit purposes.
– Recommended reading (not required): Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 4th edition, December 2012. ISBN-10: 1455740772”


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