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COVID-19 Information

*NEW* Pick up at-home COVID-19 tests from ANMC: Free at-home rapid COVID-19 antigen tests are now available for all ANMC patients and families at Alaska Native Health Campus locations. These easy to use tests give you results in about 15 minutes, whether or not you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Tests may not be appropriate for travel or pre-procedure testing requirements. Find out more about the at-home tests here

All ANMC patients and members of their household can be seen at our campus testing sites. Unless necessary for a medical procedure or travel, testing is not recommended for those with no symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.

Patients should register for a test in advance before proceeding to the testing site. A text message will be sent to you when the testing site is ready for you to proceed. Please use the registration form only once per patient.

  • For those who are comfortable conducting their own nasal swab, please proceed to 4141 Ambassador Drive for the entrance to the drive-thru self-swab testing site
    • Drive-thru testing site hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday-Thursday. It is closed on Friday and Saturday.
  • For those who would like someone to perform the test, proceed to the walk-up testing site at 4043 Tudor Center Drive.
    • Walk-up testing site hours: 4-6 p.m.; Sunday-Thursday. It is closed on Saturdays.

    Additional information about COVID-19 Testing at ANMC.

    If you are not in Anchorage, please visit the State testing site locator page to find a testing location near you.

    ANTHC and our staff at the Alaska Native Medical Center have precautions in place to protect our hospital community and the Alaska Tribal Health System from COVID-19. We are working with state and local public health officials to obtain and share the most current information.

    COVID-19 Testing at ANMC

    Testing is available in Anchorage for people eligible to receive care at ANMC.

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    Patient appointments and ANMC information

    Clinic services, pharmacy refills and temporary visitor restrictions.

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    Information about COVID-19 vaccines COVID-19 treatment Information

    Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines to make informed decisions for you and your family.

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    COVID-19 treatment information

    Information about available COVID-19 treatments that have been deemed safe and appropriate for use at this time. Studies are ongoing and patients should talk to their health care provider about available treatment options if you have COVID-19. 

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    For health providers and Tribal partners

    Information for caring for patients.

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    CISM Support

    ANTHC’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is here to support individuals or groups.

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    Your homemade masks can help protect our hospital patients.

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    health tips

    Tips for you, your home and maintaining your health.

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    If you have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19:

    If you or a family member have symptoms, or believe you may have been exposed to coronavirus, you should:

    • Remain home and call your primary care provider. Calling ahead helps to determine the most appropriate care.
    • Refrain from visiting hospital emergency departments, urgent care or outpatient clinics to avoid spreading the virus. If you need to visit the ANMC Emergency Department with symptoms, call ahead for procedures to limit exposure to others at (907) 729-1729.
    • If you need immediate medical care, call 911 or your local emergency responders.
    • Additional recommendations from the CDC here.