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Homemade Mask Surgical Cap & Mask Extender Donations

Want to use your time at home to help protect patients in the hospital? Put your crafting skills to work to combat COVID-19 infection among our hospital community.

There are a few ways the community can help to address COVID-19. First, stay home and practice social distancing. If you are not experiencing any symptoms, give blood if possible. Consider making masks for patients, mask extenders for staff wearing masks all day and surgical caps. 

At this time ANMC has a sufficient supply of surgical masks and other PPE for our clinical staff. But, the supplies nationally are extremely low and our ability to renew our supplies is limited. Every mask and surgical cap is important to the life of our people.

For those who wish to make masks, mask extenders and surgical caps, the following criteria must be followed:

  • Recommended materials for masks include a single layer of tightly-woven material, such as a dish/tea towel or bed sheets/antimicrobial pillowcases (sample template)
  • The materials used must be able to be washed/dried on high heat
  • Please wash your hands and keep your area clean when making the masks.
  • Do not offer to volunteer if you have any symptoms.
  • When completed, please bundle masks, extenders or surgical caps in packs of 25 or less in a sealed zip lock bag and drop off at the main hospital entrance (4315 Diplomacy Drive) from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday.

All masks and surgical caps will be laundered by ANMC before given out to patients and visitors.

Safe use of Cloth Masks handout