ANTHC leadership’s statement on accusations against former Chair and President Andy Teuber

March 3, 2021

The ANTHC Board of Directors has authorized an investigation into the allegations against its former chair and president, which is underway by an independent, outside investigator.

“Through the process of the investigation, this Board is absolutely committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all ANTHC employees.” said Bernice Kaigelak, ANTHC Board Chair.  “Unfortunately, Alaska Native women are disproportionately impacted by abuse. We will not tolerate misconduct or sexual harassment of any kind. We are moving forward.”

“This has been an upsetting week,” said Marissa Flannery, chief of staff for ANTHC. “I’m grateful for our team as we navigate this evolving situation. By pulling together this past year, ANTHC staff were able to successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, both here in Anchorage and statewide. It is that spirit of cooperation and trust that will get us through this latest challenge. We have focused, capable leadership in place, and remain on a path to meeting our mission and vision.” 

The ANTHC team remains committed to providing excellent care and services for our people across Alaska.

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