Campus construction update: Emergency Services Expansion – June 18, 2024

June 18, 2024

Parking Update:

On Saturday, June 22, construction crews will extend their construction fence and take over existing ADA accessible parking spots in front of the Southeast side of the ANMC hospital. The green highlight in the graphic shows where the fence will be extended and the ADA accessible spots that will be impacted. The 11 impacted ADA accessible spots will be relocated to the other side of the parking area, as shown by the red block.

A large portion of the ANMC hospital east side parking lot is fenced off for construction staging. Please remain alert and aware of construction activities when driving or walking on the east side of campus. The remaining ANMC hospital east lot parking spots are reserved for patients. Additional parking locations include: the ANMC Patient Housing Parking Garage (north of the hospital), the Denali Parking Garage (east of the hospital), and the Flattop Mountain Parking Garage (south of the hospital).

Learn more about the Emergency Services Expansion project and see the latest updates, here.

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