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CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE: Education and training facilities at ANTHC

January 7, 2021

This fall, construction was completed on new education and training facilities located in the Education and Development Center on the Alaska Native Health Campus. The Consortium’s Education and Development Center will provide Tribal Community Health Providers a place to learn, collaborate and find empowerment and opportunity, and strengthen the foundation for rural Alaska care for a brighter, healthier future for Alaska Native people.

After years of makeshift, temporary spaces, the Education and Development Center will provide the Tribal health system’s three Tribal Community Health Provider Programs with a lasting, state-of-the-art home.

The EDC was built to serve the educational and developmental needs of the staff and the education programs supported by ANTHC. These programs include the Community, Behavioral and Dental Health Aide Programs.

The main feature of the building is the physical cohabitation of the training and outreach programs. Being located in the same building allows students and educators the ability to work together and across programs. Previously, these programs and students have been in different buildings and not had a shared space for the great work that students are being trained to provide to their communities. Another major feature at the EDC is the dental simulation space that is new to the Consortium and the dental training program.

The EDC will be the primary training location for other health education programs provided for health care workers including Stop the Bleed trauma response training, ACLS, nursing orientations, simulation trainings and more. The building also contains the ANTHC Childcare Center where the children of employees are cared for by KinderCare.

Even though construction finished in Fall 2020, with ongoing the COVID-19 pandemic, there has yet to be a date set for an open house at this time. Stay tuned as a virtual event or an in-person event at a later date could take place.

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