Getting back to activities? Get back to your health care – specialty care appointments available at ANMC | Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Getting back to activities? Get back to your health care – specialty care appointments available at ANMC

July 31, 2020

Missing out on regular activities is a common story across Alaska. As we begin to put dates back on our calendars, remember to put your health care appointments back in too.

Chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure don’t take a break during a pandemic. Children still need their well-child visits and immunizations to be protected from diseases. Cancer can still spread undetected and heart attacks can still strike.

Your health is important. Protect it now and in the future by scheduling or rescheduling your preventative and specialty health appointments.

Safe care available at the Alaska Native Medical Center

Like many health care organizations, ANMC has seen a worrisome decline in patients seeking care for emergency and chronic conditions since the emergence of COVID-19. Avoiding or delaying essential health care can have greater health risks than the risks associated with contracting the COVID-19 virus.

ANMC has safely reopened its specialty care clinics for in-person appointments, including elective surgeries, cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies, and other health care needs that are difficult to complete over telehealth video appointments. Staff members are reaching out to reschedule patients whose appointments were postponed due to COVID-19.

If you need to schedule medical appointments:

In alignment with state guidelines, we continue to take steps designed to keep patients and staff safe while on our campus. Visitor restrictions and universal masking requirements remain in place, and clinics have enough personal protective equipment for health care workers.

COVID-19 testing at ANMC is also widely available for patients, staff and members of their households, even if a person has no symptoms.

Skipping needed care is a risk to Alaskans’ health

Good health requires regular health care. At ANMC or elsewhere, your provider and health clinics are prepared to keep you healthy when you come in for an appointment. Avoiding or delaying care and preventative screenings can impact your health for long into the future, but access to care is available for you and your family.

ANTHC is committed to your ongoing health to achieve our vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world.

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