Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program (T-SHIP) celebrates 10 years providing coverage for Alaska Native and American Indian beneficiaries

April 11, 2023

ANTHC provides world-class care – but Indian Health Service (IHS) compact funding alone is not enough to support high standards of care. Secondary funding through private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, disability or Denali KidCare strengthens the Tribal health care system for everyone.

T-SHIP began in 2013 and allows ANTHC and other Alaska Tribal health organizations to buy private health insurance coverage for IHS beneficiaries. In 10 years, this program has provided over 3,000 beneficiaries health insurance coverage, in addition to IHS benefits, and increased care options for themselves and their entire community. Health insurance through T-SHIP provides medical care coverage when you travel or are away from your home Tribal health facility. There is no cost to you and ANTHC pays the insurance premium cost. You do not pay any co-payments or deductibles when you are seen by or are referred by a Tribal health facility. T-SHIP does not affect your current Alaska Native health benefits and you will still receive all services at IHS and Tribal hospitals and health clinics throughout Alaska and the United States.

  T-SHIP staff can screen you and your family to see if you qualify if you are:

  • An Alaska resident,
  • Eligible for IHS benefits, and
  • Not covered by or eligible for Medicare Part A, Medicaid, Denali KidCare, TRICARE, CHAMPVA or affordable health insurance through an employer.

For more information and to find the contact in your area, visit or contact a Health Benefits Specialist at or (907) 729-5696.

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