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Providing support to patients coping with Hepatitis

Providing Care For Liver Disease

The ANTHC Liver Disease and Hepatitis Program vision is to promote innovation and teamwork between program and clinical staff across the Alaska Tribal Health System, thereby achieving excellence in patient care. We provide up-to-date U.S. recommendations and guidelines for the care of viral hepatitis and liver disease, as well as other resources and clinical assessment tools for providers.


Hepatitis B


Hepatitis C


Other Liver Disease

Recommendations for the clinical management of acute and chronic hepatitis B infection including monitoring and treatment, as well as hepatitis B vaccination guidelines. Clinical assessment tools and guidelines for hepatitis C screening, clinical management and treatment. Health care provider resources for other liver diseases including alcoholic hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis.


Hepatitis B Links

Hep B Screening Guidelines Hep B Vaccine Recommendations
Testing Interpretation Chart
Risk of Reactivation on Immunosuppressive Therapy
Hepatitis B Labs-Definitions
Immune Status Prior to Vaccination
CDC Hepatitis B Information


Hepatitis C Links

CDC Screening Brochure
Hepatitis C Screening Algorithm
Confirmed Hepatitis C Algorithm
Hepatitis C Treatment Info
CDC Hepatitis C Information


Liver Disease Links

Alcoholic Hep Algorithm
Elevated LFT’s Algorithm
Severe ALT-AST Elevation Considerations
Elevated Alk Phos Algorithm
MAFLD Workup Algorithm
AASLD Practice Guidelines
CDC Hepatitis A Information

How to follow patients with liver disease

AIH Care
PBC Care
Hepatitis B Care
Hepatitis C Care
Cirrhosis Care


We offer answers to frequently asked questions from liver disease specialists.


Adult Clinic
Internal Med Clinic
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Pediatric Clinic
Primary Care Center
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Hepatitis Program
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