HIV/AIDS Clinical Services

HIV/AIDS training and education resources for providers

Early Intervention Services
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Early Intervention Services
ANTHC’s Early Intervention Services program, through ANMC Internal Medicine, provides HIV/AIDS patient services, case management and counseling for Alaska Native and American Indian people. Additional services include: continuum of primary care to HIV/AIDS patients; counseling; testing; referrals; HIV/AIDS awareness; medical evaluation/provider consults and clinical care; other primary care services; facilitated referrals and partnership with other health care services.

Alaska AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC)
The Alaska AETC offers statewide training opportunities for Tribal and non-Tribal medical clinicians and providers as well as behavioral health clinicians. Program funding is provided by the Mountain West AETC (MWAETC) and housed at the University of Washington in Seattle. For a tailored clinical training, contact Joe Cantil at (907) 729-3956.

Find your HIV/AIDS Training and Education Resources here and follow links to national AETC Resource pages.

PrEP Pocket Guide AK – Developed by the Cascade AIDS Project and the Mountain West AETC, this easy to use guide provides indications, contraindications, how to prescribe, and other needed information for prescribing PrEP. Limited Supply available. Print this or contact Joe Cantil for assistance: or 907-729-3956

NPEP Pocket Guide – This pocket guide provides recommendations for prescribing non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP) at rural healthcare facilities in the U.S. to minimize the risk of acquiring HIV infection after a non-assaultive sexual exposure or sexual assault. Limited Supply available. Print this or contact Joe Cantil for assistance: or 907-729-3956

HIV in Alaska 2018 update – This ANMC Grand Rounds presentation May 10, 2018 from Dr. Brian Wood, Medical Director, Mountain West AETC HIV Telehealth Program, gives an update on what’s new and what’s coming for HIV treatment and prevention in 2018.

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