Natasha Singh

Executive Vice President and Vice President of Legal Affairs

Natasha Singh serves as ANTHC’s Executive Vice President and Vice President of Legal Affairs. Natasha works closely with the Board of Directors and the President/CEO and manages the ANTHC Office of Legal Affairs. 

Natasha most recently served as General Counsel for Tanana Chiefs Conference for over ten years. During her tenure she was part of the team that created the Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force, the Joint Venture to build and staff the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center in Fairbanks, and the construction of a dozen village clinics. 

Natasha served as the technical advisor to the Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Natasha represents the Alaska Tribes as the co-lead negotiator for the Alaska Tribal Health Compact. Natasha is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law and Dartmouth College. 

Natasha, Dinyee Hu’tanna (Stevens Village), is the daughter of Karm and Renee Singh and granddaughter of Valerie and the late Stephen Matthew.  She is the mother of three children, Conan, Tiger and Isaac, who are also Kaltag Tribal members.