ANTHC regional office in Copper Center

September 12, 2022

Julia McConkey was recently hired as ANTHC’s regional liaison for the Copper River (Ahtna) area. McConkey grew up in Copper Center (Kluti-Kaah) where she has continued to reside and serve her community. McConkey is eager to lend her knowledge and assistance to the people of her community in this new role. Prior to working for ANTHC, McConkey worked for the Copper River Native Association and helped Tribal members with Purchased Referred Care.

As an enrolled member of the Native Village of Kluti-Kaah (Copper Center), McConkey is looking forward to being a strong resource for her community and being a point of contact for education and outreach. She shares a strong passion for coordinating clients to the best option for care. Not only does she value her experience working with various Tribal Health Organizations, McConkey also enjoys helping patients with care options and logistics involved with receiving care outside of their community. McConkey’s office is located in the Robert Marshall Building and serves the Copper River Native Association, Mountain Sanford Tribal Consortium and Chitina region. She can be reached at (907) 729-8165 or by email at

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