Elder Outreach

Providing special, personal services and support to our valued Alaska Native Elders

Elder Outreach

Alaska Native Elders provide connections to our families, communities, regions, languages and cultures. Our Elders deserve special services when they need them. ANTHC’s Elder Outreach and Long-Term Care program collaborates with Tribal health partners to identify the needs of Alaska Native Elders living in long-term care settings and develop the best solutions.

Overseen and guided by the members of the Alaska Native Elder Health Advisory Committee (ANEHAC), the program focuses on long-term care needs for Alaska Native Elders and keeping Elders as close to home and family as possible. The program also organizes events that connect volunteers with Elders through nursing home and assisted-living home visits.

Supporting Our Regional Partners
Reaching beyond Elders and their families, the Elder Outreach and Long-Term Care Program supports Tribal partners with the development of home and community based services, Tribal nursing and assisted living homes, and hospital support for nursing home and swing bed usage.

Long Term Care Needs of Alaska Native Elders
Communicating with Elders Brochure
Grandma’s Recipes