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Alaska Liver Disease ECHO

Learn together, Care together.

The Liver Disease and Hepatitis Program and consultants from Pharmacy, Diabetes and Behavioral Health have partnered with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board to create AK Liver Disease ECHO, a comprehensive program to assist Tribal Healthcare Providers to provide better care of Alaska Native/American Indian patients with liver disease.

Each session begins with a liver disease didactic presented by a subject matter expert followed by one or more case presentations by a provider(s) to the subject matter experts who can provide holistic, best practices input.

Continuing education credits are available.

What is it about?

This partnership aims to:

  • Increase Tribal health care providers’ knowledge about diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of liver disease.
  • Help providers gain confidence and competence in providing the best liver disease care.
  • Work towards reducing morbidity and mortality in Alaska Native/American Indian people living with all types of liver disease.

Who should attend?

Tribal primary care health providers, nurses, pharmacists, behavioral health care and community health care workers who want to learn best practices and gain competence and confidence in diagnosing and treating the wide range of liver diseases that affect Alaska Native/American Indian patients are welcome to attend.


The third Thursday of each month noon-1 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, via Zoom throughout 2023.

AK Liver Disease ECHO:

2023 Theme: Ways You Can Reduce Morbidity and Mortality From Liver Disease

January 19Challenges Faced with Screening and Linkage to Care/Treatment for Hepatitis CLisa Townshend-Bulson, MSN, FNP-C
February 16Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease and FIB4Youssef Barbour, MD
March 16Ensuring Regular HCC SurveillanceBrian McMahon, MD
April 20Managing Cirrhosis – include Algorithms, Care SheetsAnnette Hewitt, ANP
May 18Addressing Safe Medication PrescribingBrittany Keener, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
June 15Effective Strategies for Alcohol Use Disorder Screening – When, Where, and How to ImplementBrian McMahon, MD
July 20Emphasizing Nutrition for Liver HealthAnne Fleetwood, MS, RDN, NDN
August 17Importance of diabetes management in NAFLD/NASHKena Desai, MD
September 21Recognizing Common Autoimmune Liver Diseases Seen in AN/AI peopleTBA
October 19Stressing Importance of Exercise as NAFLD Treatment – Now that It is Getting Dark and ColdPhysiologist
November 16Being Alert to DILIPharmacist
December 21Putting It All Together – What’s Been Done/What’s NextPanel


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Past Session Recordings:

~This project is supported by a grant from the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and funding is provided from the HHS Secretary’s Minority HIV/AIDS Fund.